Track Section Commands

Track section commands are applied to track sections and pit lane sections, and alter various properties of the section.

These are the various commands that can appear for a track or pit lane section.

Cmd Description Arg#
0x80 Object placement 2
0x81 Display distance forwards 2
0x82 Display distance backwards 2
0x83 Disable drawing of horizon 1
0x84 Enable drawing of horizon 1
0x85 Track width change 3
0x86 Connect start of pit lane to track 1
0x87 Connect end of pit lane to track 1
0x88 Pit lane garages, left-hand side 1
0x89 Pit lane garages, right-hand side 1
0x8A Track Markings Type A 6
0x8B Track Markings Type B 6
0x8C Changes unknown element on the left? 2
0x8D Changes unknown element on the right? 2
0x8E Left kerb starts 3
0x8F Right kerb starts 3
0x90 Reverse object placement 2
0x91 Unknown Monaco command 2
0x92 Unknown Action 1 2
0x93 Unknown Action 2 2
0x94 Computer car coaching, left 2
0x95 Computer car coaching, right 2
0x96 Pit lane start 1
0x97 Pit lane end 1
0x98 Left fence height change 2
0x99 Right fence height change 2
0x9A Custom fence height 3
0x9B Unknown pit lane marker 1 1
0x9C Unknown pit lane marker 2 1
0x9D Unknown pit lane marker 3 1
0x9E Unknown pit lane marker 4 1
0x9F Pit lane fences start 1
0xA0 Pit lane fences end 1
0xA1 Pit lane entry, join right lane fences 1
0xA2 Pit lane entry, join left lane fences 1
0xA3 Pit lane exit, join right lane fences 1
0xA4 Pit lane exit, join left lane fences 1
0xA5 Change sign of first two sector arguments 1
0xA6 Set unknown section flags 1 3
0xA7 Set unknown section flags 2 3
0xA8 Section that triggers the chequered flag 1
0xA9 Pit lane view distance 2
0xAA Computer cars pit lane modifier? 4
0xAB Unknown, maybe unused 3
0xAC Palette change 5