F1GP Track File Format

The game comes with the 16 tracks used in the 1991 F1 season, with tracks as varied as the tight streets of Monaco to the long, long straights of Hockenheim.

The track files are named “F1CTxx.DAT”, where “xx” is a number from “01” to “16”.

Because of the similarity between the F1GP and GP2 file formats, a lot of the information below has been deduced using Maxime Labelle’s “The Grand Prix 2 Track File Format (Beta 0.5)” and by playing around with Paul Hoad’s GP2 Track Editor. Another invaluable resource has been the Chequered Flag F1GP track editor by Barrie Millar, Klaus Six and René Smit. René Smit and Alejandro Cáceres have also contributed a large amount of research and code.

File Info
Size Varying (original tracks between 13,368 to 20,497 bytes)
Checksum? Yes

The documentation below uses “$…” to describe a location in the file, and “0x..” to describe a hex value.

The track file contains the following information. For more details, see each section.

The final four (4) bytes of the track contain the checksum.

If the checksum is incorrect, F1GP will not load the track file.