Object Settings (Track File Format)

Object settings represent instances of 3D objects, or other special objects, that are placed around the track.

For example, the same 3D object can be reused several times, but with differing rotations, distance from track and other data.

Each object settings consists of 16 bytes.

Object settings are read until the values specified in the $100C track data header is reached.

Field Type Comment
Id byte If 17 or greater, represents the Id of the 3D object defined at index (Id-17) in the Object Shape section.
Detail Level byte Flag determining which detail levels will show the object, and also affects drawing order
Unknown short Possibly color related for 3D objects (bit flags?)
Distance from Track Center short The distance between the object and the center of the track. Negative values indicate left side, positive values indicate right side
Angle X short Angle X
Angle Y/Z short Angle Y/Z, except when Id=5 (or 1 or 13), then it represents the index of a track-side object
Unknown 2 short Possibly related to drawing order (bit flags?)
Height short Height above ground
Id2 short Sub-Id?

The first 17 object settings for each track are very similar, and refer to such items as road signs, etc.

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