Object Shape Details Window

This window allows you to perform some very rough editing of a 3D object.

Object shape details window screenshot

At the top, you get some information about the shape.

Name Description
Id The Id that is used to reference the object in an Object Setting
HeaderIndex The order that the object appears in the internal header list
DataIndex The order that the object data appears in the actual file
Description For some objects this will show a description of the object. This description is based on its points and vectors, so if these are edited the description may disappear.
Shape Signature The unique hash of the object based on its points and vectors.

Below this data, there are four tabs.

Scales, Points and Vectors

This tab allows you to edit the basic 3D shape of the object.

Note: You can currently only edit existing values here. Future versions of ArgTrack will allow you to add or remove values.

A scale value is used as values in the point definitions. By double-clicking one of the values in the list you can edit it.

Object shape scale value editing

A point can be of two types, either a scale point or a reference point.

A scale point uses one of the values if the scale values list for its X coordinate, and one scale value for its Y coordinate. The Z coordinate can be set to anything.

Double-clicking a scale point allows you to edit its X and Y scale value references, as well as its Z value.

Object shape scale point editing

A reference point uses a previously defined point to get its X and Y coordinates.

Double-clicking on a reference point allows you to select which other point it gets its X and Y coordinates from, as well as its Z value.

Object shape reference point editing

Vectors define how the various points are connected to each other. Each vector has a point it goes from, and a point it goes to.

Double-clicking a vector allows you to edit which points it goes from and to.

Object shape vector editing


This tab allows you to edit two types of information, GraphicElements and GraphicElementLists.

Both are currently just edited as a set of raw bytes.

For 3D shapes, the GraphicElements contain references to vectors and color information for the polygon that they defined. For some shapes that also contain flat objects, some data here refers to which “flat” object that will be displayed.


These are various headers and other values that are either irrelevant or not fully understood yet.


These are the offsets of the various data in the file. You cannot edit these.