Object Settings Details Window

An object setting refers to an instance of either a flat (billboard) track-side object, or a 3D object such as a buildling.

This window allows you to edit various properties of instances of objects, e.g. location and rotation.

Object shape details window screenshot

The values that can be edited are:

Name Description
Offset The object setting offset value is the value that is used when referencing the object in a 0x80 track command.
Id The object shape that will be used. The first 17 items are of various internal types, as well as "flat" track-side objects such as bushes and trees.

3D objects will have the text "3D Object" next to them.
Unknown Possibly a subitem selection and/or color related
Unknown2 Possibly related to the drawing order of the objects
Distance from Track The distance from the center of the track. Negative values indicate that the object should appear on the left side of the track.
Angle X The X angle of the object
Angle Y The Y angle of the object
Height The height above the track that the object will be placed.
Detail Level Determines at which level of graphical detail level the object will appear. Also affects drawing order.