Track Layout Misc Settings

This window allows you to edit various track related settings.

Track Layout Misc Settings screenshot

The data that can be edited now is:

Name Description
Lap Count The number of laps in a 100% race
Surrounding Area Whether the area surrounding the track is green (grass) or gray
Pole Side Which side of the track that pole position is on, left or right
Pits Side Which side of the track that the pits are located
Kerb Type Whether kerbs have two or three colors (one of which is always white)
Kerb Fixed Upper Color Upper color of kerbs that cannot be changed
Kerb Fixed Lower Color Lower color of kerbs that cannot be changed
Lap Time Indication An indication of lap time (in milliseconds) that is used to determine the duration of hot-seat stints, as well as the number of simultaneous runners during a non-race sessions.
Time Factor Non-Race Time factor in sessions that are not race sessions
Time Factor Race Time factor in a race session
Pit Lane Default Draw Distance Default pit lane view distance
Unknown Track Distance Unknown track distance-related value