Top Menu

The menu at the top of the window contains the following functionality:

File menu

Item Command
Open Loads a track file from disk into the editor
Save Saves the current track to disk
Exit Exits the application

Data menu

Item Command
Track Sections Opens the track sections list view window
Pit Lane Sections Opens the pit lane sections list view window
Computer Car Racing Line Opens the computer car racing line list view window
Object Settings Opens the object settings list view window
Object Shapes Opens the object shapes list view window

Tools menu

Item Command
Validate Track Opens the Track Validation window and displays anything that is wrong with the track
Convert GP2 Track... Let's you convert (part of) a GP2 track to the F1GP format by opening the GP2 Track Conversion window.

Help menu

Item Command
View Help Opens this website in your default web browser
About Opens the Help/About screen.