Tutorial: Increase your horsepower value

In this tutorial we will change the player’s (i.e. your) horsepower value from the default 716 to a staggering 1460! Overtaking should no longer be an issue!

For technical reasons, 1460 is the maximum available horsepower value available in F1GP

Step 1

Open ArgEditor and go to the Game Settings tab (the cogwheel on the left side).

Settings tab screenshot

Step 2: Update the horsepower value

Look for the slider marked “Player Horsepower” under “Human Car Levels of Performance”. As you can see, the textbox on the right says 716, the default value.

You can either drag the slider all the way to the right, or enter 1460 in the textbox manually.

Step 3: Export the value to the EXE file

Click the “Export…” button to update your F1GP EXE file.


Use the “Browse…” button to select your F1GP EXE file.

To avoid overwriting any other values, you can uncheck all the checkboxes except the one marked “Player Horsepower Value” under “Game Settings”.

Click the “Export” button. Your EXE file will now be updated with the new value.

Step 4: Try it out in F1GP

Enter F1GP and do a quick race. You will probably end up in the lead pretty soon… if you can avoid running into the slower traffic. Oh, and you will hit the rev limiter on every straight!