F1GP Multi-Setup Files

Multi-setup files contain a race and qualifying setup for each track, for a total of 32 setups.

There is also a single setup file type containing a single race or qualifying setup for a specific track.

File Info
Size Fixed (326 bytes)
Checksum? Yes
Position Type Description Comment
0 Separate race and qualifying setups 0x00 00 = same setups
0xFF FF = separate race/qual. setups

Setup Data

Each setup data is 10 bytes long.

Field Type Comment
Front wing angle byte
Rear wing angle byte
Gear 1 ratio byte
Gear 2 ratio byte
Gear 3 ratio byte
Gear 4 ratio byte
Gear 5 ratio byte
Gear 6 ratio byte
Tyre compound byte 0 = A, 1 = B, 2 = C, 3 = D
Brake balance sbyte -32 to 32

This is repeated 16 times for qualifying setups, and 16 times for race setups, one pair for each track.


The final four (4) bytes contain the checksum for the file.