F1GP Saved Games

There are different kinds of saved games. The documentation here refers to games that have been saved between races during a championship season.

For information about games that are saved during season races, see the F1GP Saved Games(during races) page.

File Info
Size Fixed (3,578 bytes)
Checksum? Yes


The first 828 bytes contain the number of races completed, plus a lot of (so far) unknown information, but it probably contains information about preferences such as race length, session lengths, possibility of rain, etc.

Position Description Comment
26 Number of races completed Zero-based


The results at each race is stored as a number of 16 byte blocks, ordered by the driver’s number.

Position Description Comment
828 Results for driver 1 Each entry is 16 bytes long
828 + (n*16) Results for driver n
1452 Results for driver 40

Driver Names

The names of drivers, teams and engines is stored in the file, starting at location 2094.

Position Description Comment
2094 Driver 1 name Each name entry is 24 bytes long, padded with null (\0)
2094 + (n*24) Driver n name
3030 Driver 40 name

Team Names

Position Description Comment
3054 Team 1 name Each name entry is 13 bytes long, padded with null (\0)
3054 + (n*13) Team n name
3301 Team 20 name


Position Description Comment
3314 Engine 1 name Each name entry is 13 bytes long, padded with null (\0)
3314 + (n*13) Engine n name
3561 Engine 20 name


The final four (4) bytes, starting at index 3574, contain the checksum for the file.