Edit Player Horsepower Value with C#

In this tutorial we will edit the player horsepower value, so that you as the player have twice as much horsepower at your disposal.

Before we start editing your F1GP files, make sure that you have a backup of everything, or at least the GP.EXE file, because you never know what might happen.

Step 1: Create a project and install ArgData

If you already have a C# project set up in Visual Studio, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, follow the steps in the C# Prerequisites to do this.

Step 2: Get a reference to your EXE file

We’ll just put everything in the Main() method to keep it simple.

First off, we need a reference to the GP.EXE that we want to edit.

var exeFile = GpExeFile.At(@"C:\Games\GPRIX\GP.EXE");

Step 3: Create a writer object that allows updating the game files

Once we have a reference to the EXE file that we wish to edit, we can pass it along as a parameter for all kinds of reader and writer objects in the API.

In this case, we want a PlayerHorsepowerWriter.

var writer = PlayerHorsepowerWriter.For(exeFile);

Step 4: Update the horsepower value in the EXE file

We can now use the writer object to update the value.


Once this is done, the GP.EXE file is updated.

Step 5: Try it out

Start the game, enter a race, and leave the other drivers in the dust!