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ImportExportSettings Class

ImportExportSettings define what will be imported from or exported to the GP.EXE.

Namespace: ArgData.Entities


Name Description
ImportExportSettings() Initializes a new instance of an ImportExportSettings object.


Name Description
CarColors Whether car colors should be imported or exported.
DriverNumbers Whether to import or export driver numbers or not. Note that DriverPerformanceRace, DriverPerformanceQualifying, HelmetColors and Names are all dependent on the driver numbers being set correctly.
DriverPerformanceQualifying Whether driver performance qualifying levels should be imported/exported.
DriverPerformanceRace Whether driver performance race levels should be imported/exported.
HelmetColors Whether driver helmet colors should be imported/exported.
Names Whether team and driver names should be imported/exported.
PitCrewColors Whether pit crew colors should be imported/exported.
TeamHorsepower Whether to import or export team horsepower levels.