API Reference > 0.19.1 > TrackObjectSettings

TrackObjectSettings Class

Represents an instance of a 3D object with related settings.

Namespace: ArgData.Entities


Name Description
TrackObjectSettings() Initializes a new instance of TrackObjectSettings.


Name Description
AngleX Gets the X angle of the object. When Id is 5, 13 (and others) this refers to the Id of internal "billboard" objects.
AngleY Gets the Y angle of the object.
DetailLevel Gets the detail level that the item appears at. Is actually a Flag value.
DistanceFromTrack Gets the distance from the center of the track. Negative values indicate left side of track.
Height Gets the height from the ground that the object is placed at.
Id Gets the Id of the object. When this is 17 or greater, it refers to the index in the track object shapes.
Id2 Gets the Id2 value. Unknown functionality.
Offset Gets or sets the object shape offset (index * 16)
Unknown Gets the Unknown value. Possibly color-related.
Unknown2 Gets the Unknown2 value. Possibly draw-depth related.