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Track Class

Represents an F1GP track.

Namespace: ArgData.Entities


Name Description
Track() Initializes a new instance of a track.


Name Description
CarSettings Gets various settings that affect both the player car and the computer controlled cars.
ComputerCarBehavior Gets the various behaviors of the computer cars.
ComputerCarLineDisplacement Gets or sets the displacement of the computer car line.
ComputerCarLineSegments Gets a list of the computer car line segments.
ComputerCarSetup Gets the computer car setup.
Horizon Gets the track horizon.
ObjectSettings Gets the list of object settings.
ObjectShapes Gets the list of object shapes.
Offsets Gets the data offset values.
PitLaneSections Gets the list of pit lane sections.
TrackCameraCommands Gets the list of track-side camera commands.
TrackDataHeader Gets the track data header.
TrackSections Gets the list of track sections.
TrackSettings Gets various track settings, e.g. the lap count.